At Global College USA we offer personalised advice to each client. We work directly with each athlete, offering direct and continuous interaction. Through our services, we guide the athlete and his/her family through the whole process in order to be able to select the option that best suits their individual profile (sports level, academic level, financial preferences).

From the beginning of the process, we go through several different areas where we advise the client about everything that is needed to be completed. We continue to help each client until the day they depart to the United States as well as during their stay in the United States.




We inform you about the options you would have of getting an athletic scholarship in USA totally FREE. 

Full Advisory

We will advise you and make all needed paperwork during the whole process. 

Continued information

We keep the athlete and his/her family informed of all the options they have and we provide advise on the choice of university.

Personal Profile

We create a personal profile of each athlete to enhance their opportunities of success with the American university coaches


Using the athlete’s personal profile, we promote the athlete and their profile to more than 20,000 coaches in the different American university divisions (NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA)


We negotiate the terms and conditions of the scholarship to achieve the best possible options for our athlete.

Required exams

Continuous support with the SAT, TOEFL, and university division records (NCAA or NAIA), as well as all other paperwork necessary in the eligibility process (sending documents, etc).


Admission to the university

We assist the athlete with all the paperwork required for final admission to the university of their choice.

Continuous Support

We assist the athlete with all the steps regarding accommodation, meal plan, and arrival at the university.


Help with visa process required before interview at the American embassy.

Flights and Travel

Advice in finding flights for the athlete to travel to their chosen university.

Follow up during the 4 years

We will be helping you during the 4 years at the university with NO extra costs.

Limited number of places

Global College USA has a limited number of annual places for athletes as we believe every athlete deserves the best service possible. We do not accept more athlete’s than our limit so that we can provide our services to the highest quality.


All steps of the process

We carry out all the steps of the process so the athlete and their family can focus on training and studying for exams.

Academic preparation centre

We have the help of ESEI International Business School to help our athletes prepare for the SAT and TOEFL exams.

Do not hesitate to join the Global College USA team to achieve your dream.

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