Graduate Assistant Program 

The Graduate Assistant program is focused on students and/or athletes who have completed their undergraduate degree and are looking to continue their education in a graduate program at a university in the USA. US colleges offer Graduate Assistant positions. This allows students to help a university department while completing their master’s degree. Thanks to this, students receive money that helps them reduce the high costs of a master’s degree in the United States. This position may be in an academic field such as a teaching assistant or in a specific research area at the university. It can also be related to other departments at the university, for example an assistant athletic trainer. To qualify for the academic program, ideal candidates must have:
  • A strong academic record
  • Interest in studying a postgraduate degree in the USA.
To qualify for the Graduate Assistant Coach program, the ideal candidates must have:
  • Experience in one of the sports that the university participates in (as a player, coach, university player in the USA …)
  • Studied in a sports related field (Physical Education, Sports Science, coaching courses, …)
  • Interest in studying a postgraduate degree in the USA.
This program provides students with extra experience in their chosen field that is highly valued by employers. It can also significantly increase job possibilities in the future. In addition, the student will receive a great reduction of the total university costs. This financial aid can cover expenses such as tuition and fees, accommodation, and meals.

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