Why Study in the USA?

United States university sports has trained some of the best athletes in the world such as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, among others. Having the opportunity to live this unique experience has many advantages for your future, professionally in the workplace, and for the sport of your choice. Here are some reasons that will help you make your decision:

Academic Reasons:

  1. Be eligible to receive great education in a leading educational system which has many of the best and most prestigious universities in the world such as Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, and UCLA, among many others that offer sports and academic scholarships.
  2. Teaching methods have a much more practical approach that is focused more on the activity in the workplace.
  3. Great prestige of a universally recognised university degree, which will make a big difference in your curriculum and resume.
  4. A wide range of activities within university campuses – from sporting activities to cultural or community projects.
  5. You will learn about different cultures and countries living in such a diverse nation.
  6. There is a large possibility of obtaining an academic or international scholarship whilst studying in the United States.

Athletic Reasons:

  1. The United States has the best system in the world to combine high level sport and a university degree. You will have the opportunity to study in the United States and obtain a high quality degree at an affordable cost.
  2. Personal support from the university to student athletes so they can combine sports. Personal tutors, extra classes, adaptation of the academic calendar to the sport.
  3. You will have unique university support, high-performance sports programs, and sports coaches, all included for every college athlete.
  4. You can count on fantastic sports facilities and equipment.
  5. You will travel through the United States to compete as part of the university sports team.
  6. You will live in a fun and friendly atmosphere surrounded by sports people from various different countries with similar tastes and hobbies.
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