Athletic Scholarships in USA

Thanks to Global College USA you can have the option to study and compete in the United States
stanford_womens_soccer_teamGlobal College USA will help you throughout the process to become part of a university sports team thanks to athletic scholarships that are available in the USA. American universities offer thousands of scholarships with many different types of sports. These scholarships will help you cover all or part of the expenses of your university degree in the USA. These expenses include tuition, accommodation, meals, training, massage, sports equipment, travel with the team, and medical insurance. At Global College USA we work with all American universities across the whole country. We work with public and private universities across the different university divisions in USA: NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) NAIA (National Athletic Intercollegiate Association) NJCAA (National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association)  

Find out the requirements to qualify for an athletic scholarship.

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