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Studying in the United States is a unique experience that will bring many advantages for your professional and athletic future. Here we provide you with some of the reasons that will help you to make the decision to choose the USA.”


  1. You will receive an education in a world leading education system. The USA has some of the best universities in the world.
  2. If English is not your first language, you will be bilingual in it. English is an essential language.  
  3. You will have the opportunity to obtain athletic and academic scholarships to reduce the costs. 
  4. You will have a great and unique experience.


Find out how how to receive one of the many different scholarships offered by the American education system. Thanks to these scholarships you will be able to finance your university studies totally or partially.

Through our programs we help students and athletes to achieve their dream of studying in the USA thanks to athletic scholarships in USA, academic scholarships and / or international scholarships.

Athletic Scholarships in USA

Athletic Scholarships in USA

Get an athletic scholarship in USA universities, it can be up to 100% covering all the expenses. Also you can continue with your sport at the highest level being part of a college sport team.
Graduate Assistant

Graduate Assistant

Continue your graduate studies in an American university at the same time that you work helping one department of the university. You will get covered part of your studies.
High School

High School

Live the American experience, we have different options between public and private high schools, locations, sports, families or residence....


Free Evaluation

We do a free evaluation of your opportunities in USA, and with no obligations. Complete our registration form and we will evaluate your personal case. Free Registration Form.

SAT and TOEFL Exams

We help with the planning, preparation, and registration of the SAT and TOEFL (needed to be admitted in the university) in order to help achieve the best possible score.


University Placement

We study the profile of each student athlete and work on finding them the best options that meets the student and families preferences. We obtain the best academic and athletic scholarships.

Great Variety of Options

We offer many different options. We work until we find the perfect fit for our students athletes.

Paperwork Needed

We work with the student athletes to help complete all of the paperwork needed in the process including; admission into university, athletic associations paperwork, VISA process, room and board, flights, and more.

Personal Treatment

We get to know our students and their parents. We have a personal and close relationship with them and ensure we have direct contact with them during the whole process.


Know your options thanks to our free evaluation, we will inform you without any commitment and totally free about your options of obtaining a scholarship in the USA.


Global College USA have helped hundreds of students and athletes to reach their dream of studying in a university in the United States.

There are loads of advantages of studying in the USA, our students explain their experiences here.

Having the opportunity to study and play tennis on an athletic scholarship in the United States is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Having obtained a university degree, lived in another country, and learned a new language, I have had many unique and unforgettable experiences. I have travelled to some amazing places that I would never have had the opportunity to do if it wasn’t for tennis and my scholarship. In the USA, the colleges treat athletes very well, they give us lots of opportunities to work hard and have fun and I would love to do it all over again.
Alberto Sanz

Tennis scholarship, University of Idaho

Studying in the United States has been an unforgettable experience, simply because you can play soccer and study for your university degree at the same time. The possibilities that the American universities give you to combine studies with sport is incredible. What I liked most about my experience was the sports program, they treat you like a professional player. There are amazing facilities for training and the medical team is impressive. Team trips are great fun… Aside from the sport, I have loved living in a different country and learning about different cultures as you share your experience with students from all over the world.
José Fernandez Huergo

Soccer Scholarship, Salem International University, (West Virginia)


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